What exactly is wellness?

With so many definitions out there, the field of health, coaching and wellness can seem confusing at times.

Case in point – go to one of the many websites with beautiful stock imagery, type in the word “wellness” and you will get a little bit of everything. Forests, sunsets, meditation, sports, herbal tea, oils, a fashionably dressed man wrapped in yellow plastic (that one still baffles me) and even floating pineapples!

It’s confusing!

As a Wellness coach, I am specifically trained to support you in your wellness journey. My training comes from the scientific field of coaching psychology, which integrates more than fifteen other fields. Coaching psychology, in part, is the relational vehicle for implementing positive psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being.

When I decided to start doing more of what I truly enjoyed – moving into to a profession that brought me joy and could fulfill my passion to support others, becoming a coach was a pretty easy decision.

Before I made it a formal, I have pretty much always been a practitioner and life-long student of wellness. My parents were into organic gardening before it became the commercial giant it is now.

My earliest memory was sitting in the dirt in our garden eating raw green beans off the vine. I can still devour raw green beans like they are a bag of movie popcorn!

But wellness isn’t just about eating! Eating healthy food is so important, but wellness is this and so much more!

I had been looking for the perfect image to depict wellness for a while now. I was struggling to find one. One evening as my son was sharing some homework with me, imagine my excitement when I saw this in his folder.

I was so happy to see that his school was teaching a very balanced approach to health and wellness, and that they allowed him to put his artistic skills to use so that he could express these concepts in his own way.

He told me he wanted to work on it more, but they did not have time at school. He’s a super detailed artist, so that makes sense. But it also makes sense because the concept of wellness is not just a few quick bullet points and ideas. It takes time. And, it is constantly evolving and growing.

Like anything, it is always good to start with the basics.

Once I start talking to people about their own wellness, over time, we build on the basics. And sometimes, those basic wellness concepts can slightly change from person to person. Everyone is different. There is no one size fits all.

As you see from my son’s drawing, the physical pieces are not the entire picture.

Sometimes it may start out as a physical goal like eating, fitness or weight loss, but once we really start doing the work, we find out that the wellness discussion is so much more than just about exercise or wanting to improve one area of life.

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