The content of your coaching sessions will be tailored for you based on your objectives. What I bring is my 20 years consulting and personal experience as a Mom and an Entrepreneur. I use a range of proven methodologies that I am certified and qualified to work in such as Lifestyle Medicine, Wellness Coaching, Desire Mapping, and the Fire Starter Sessions.

But most important is that I am committed to supporting you as your coach to help you define your personal goals and achieve those so you get on the path to where you want to be!

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I was going through a rough time in my personal life. The workshop experience was liberating. I was introduced to the idea of core desired feelings. I’m now much more aware of my core feelings. I feel less stressed, more positive and as a result I feel calm and have clarity in my daily life. I can see the path and surrender. I feel I create my dreams in this environment of clarity and positivity, with hope and love always by my side.


This is what your journey will look like:

The Discovery Session (FREE)

30 minutes x 1

We meet face-to-face or get on the phone and discuss what you feel you need and your expectations. This conversation will help to understand if the program is the right fit for you. It will also help us to get to know each other more, and I can start planning our sessions.


Following our discussion I’ll send you a few assessments to complete (personal wellness or self-discovery) to kick start our sessions.

The Big Vision Session

90 minutes x 1

This is where the magic happens. We meet face to face or get on the phone and dig deep!

We’ll spend around 90 minutes soul searching, discussing, and defining Your Big Vision. Think Big. Creating your vision will help you get better in tune with what you feel, what you want to do, or where you want to be. It’s something that should get your heart beating just a little faster. Not sure about what that will look or feel like? Do not worry, as your coach, I will help you define it.

Once we define your Big Vision, we will zoom in on key areas and goals that you’ll focus on for the next few weeks as we work together. We’ll revisit them at each following session and iterate as needed.

The Checkpoint Sessions

60 minutes x 8


These sessions build upon each other and help you progress towards your Big Vision. They provide accountability, support and encouragement, as well as more soul searching and course correction if needed – it’s OK to change your mind! It is very normal to discover different things along the way that might interest you. Those should be explored, not ignored.

I’ll also give you exercises and techniques to help you stay on track and work towards your goals.

I recommend that the checkpoint sessions take place once a week in the beginning of our coaching journey. After some time, we may meet every two weeks, but there is never a one size fits all. There are 8 checkpoint sessions and each one is one hour long.

The Follow up Session

60 minutes x 1


This meeting usually takes place 2 to 3 months after our last checkpoint session. We look at how you’ve been doing and whether you need any more support in your journey.

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I was shocked when Pam asked me how I was doing and I had no real answer. I spent my life taking care of my family and was much more in tune with their needs than with my own. Pam helped me find my voice and I now understand how important it is to take care of myself. If am happy, I have the power to make everyone around me happy.



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