So Valentine’s Day is upon us. Is a perfect Valentine in store for you?

You might be looking forward to the roses, chocolates and all things pink that it brings. Or you might be anxious because this year you don’t have the perfect setting or the perfect person for the celebration.

This Valentine’s Day, I invite you to go back to basics. And for me, self-love is where it all begins.


Self-Love is the Ultimate Valentine

Wellness, healthy relationships, professional fulfilment – all these wonderful things are simply not possible if you don’t start from a place of self-acceptance, respect and kindness. The perfect Valentine is in YOU!


What Does Self-Love REALLY Look Like?

Now, what do I mean by self-love? Self-love isn’t about indulgences and treating yourself. It’s about nurturing a deep connection with oneself, based on respect, acceptance and kindness.

perfect Valentine 2020


Let me offer you a few methods you can use to develop this connection with your self:


  1. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend

The way we talk to ourselves is often much harsher than how we’d talk to our friends and family members. Try changing your inner voice to be more supportive and considerate.


  1. Listen to yourself

Whether it’s meditation, journaling or leisurely walks, make time in your schedule to check in with your thoughts and feelings.


  1. Make time for yourself and your passions

When we’re dating, we take time to get to know our partner and follow their interests. Treat yourself the same way. Sign up for that art class, take that weekend trip or watch that movie that’s been on your list for ages.


  1. Take care of yourself

Occasionally you do need a chocolate bar, but most days your precious body needs sleep, movement and nutritious food. Prioritize those needs.


  1. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Making mistakes is simply a part of life. By criticizing yourself and reliving unpleasant experiences you are holding yourself back. Learn and move on.


What are your thoughts? Are there any other ways you can nurture self-love?

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