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Hire Pam Durant to Speak at your Wellness Event

Would you like a qualified Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Coach to speak at your next event?

I have years of experience in speaking and advocating at various events, especially those related to diabetes. You can view some of my recent speaking appearances here.

I love to deliver keynote and guest presentations on:

Diabetes Health

I am the Founder and Director of Diapoint, the place for people touched by diabetes. I’m mom to a son with Type 1 Diabetes and I am also a diabetes health coach.

Women's Health & Nutrition

As a specialist Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Coach for women, I love to present on topics like self-care, nutrition, fitness and movement, mindful eating, special diets, and weight loss.

Health Coaching

What is health coaching? How does it work and what’s in it for you? Is it worth the investment? I would love to educate your audience on the incredible benefits of Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Coaching.

Mindset Shifts & Success

One of my specialties as a Success Coach for Women is goal-setting. I deliver powerful workshops on identifying obstacles, transforming limiting beliefs, and breaking through your inner glass ceiling to achieve goals like never before.

Entrepreneur Wellness

As a business woman with a successful diabetes advocacy hub and flourishing coaching practice, I know first-hand the challenges of self-care for busy business owners. I’d love to share my proven methods for thriving with good health while running a challenging business.

Caretaker Wellness

This topic is very close to my heart. I deliver empathic and practical talks to parents, caretakers and healthcare workers about prioritizing their wellness while caring for people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses, informed by my life experience and more than a decade as a diabetes advocate.

Testimonials & Brands I Have Worked With

You have shown me the right path which I should have taken a long time ago. I can't thank you enough.

Diabetes Health Coaching Client, May 2022

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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How Taking Care of Your Health Benefits the Earth

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The Real Value of Health Coaches

Perspectives On The Value Of Health Coaches In a recent article by Fortune, Is Becoming A Certified Health Coach Worth It?, the journey and value of becoming a health coach were explored, albeit with a perspective that I found limiting. While the article does...

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