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About Me

I am into vision.

I am an idealist and I always somehow see the bigger picture, but the logical side in me also knows to break it down into smaller pieces in order to get there.

I love creativity of all kinds, and people. I especially love personal interest stories. Everyone has a story, and it is always fascinating.

I believe that humility is a growth experience. It fuels my love of travel. I have traveled extensively and have lived abroad for almost all of my adult life. It is in those moments of humility where I believe we learn a little more than we knew before.

I love photography – particularly travel and documentary – and dance.

My Core Desired Feelings are Free, Prosperous, Radiance, and one more that is a place that holds a deep meaning for me for reasons I can’t begin to put to paper, but I know it is how I want to feel.

I try to live as clean as possible. Eat well, move and do healthy things I enjoy. I am a vegetarian on most days. I love yoga. These last few years, I don’t do near as much of it as I need to. But I yoga in other ways than being on a mat.

I believe in doing what you love.

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