In my recent blog post about creating a feeling of home, I suggested a few ways to make a distant place feel like home.

Aside from my suggestions of setting routines, making friends, and decorating, another great way to feel at home is to embrace the magic of plants.


Plants Make You Feel At Home


A very dear friend of mine who was a career diplomat who had to move her home every few years once said to me, “Once I have plants, it feels like a home.”

At the time I did not think anything of it, but she was so right.

The first time I moved house after that, I remembered her words and immediately bought a few plants. Even a small succulent can brighten up a room.


Plants Refresh Your Space


I soon realized that the essentials I need to have in my space in order to feel at home are plants and pets – although they don’t always complement each other as cats and dogs can dig up plants, and some plants can be dangerous for our pets.

But I do need to be surrounded by other living creatures and plants for a place to feel like my home.

Plants give us life – OXYGEN! If you breathe air, then you need plants!

Eating and Growing a Plant-Based Diet


Not only do we breathe the oxygen that plants provide us, we should eat a lot of plants as well.

But how much plant-based food is the right amount??

The foundation of my Lifestyle Medicine training is the plant-based diet. You do not have to become a vegan or vegetarian, but the more plants you eat, the healthier you will be. It is scientifically proven time and time again.

The below image is the statement from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. It is all plant based. However, I know some people will not give up meat – and as your health coach, I’m not suggesting you do that.


American College of Lifestyle Medicine recommended plant-based intake


Easy Ways to Eat More Plants


To truly enjoy the magic of plants, eat them at every meal!

I sometimes suggest to my clients to start with a goal of getting half the plate focussed on fruits and vegetables, and eating only whole grains.

Another fun thing to try is do a “Meatless Monday” and eat only plant proteins that day. See if you notice any changes in how you feel.​


Growing Your Own Edible Plants


In addition to eating vegetables, I enjoy growing them.

I had some success on our apartment balcony over the years, but I was thrilled last year when we moved to a place where I could have my own vegetable garden.

One of my earliest, most vivid memories is sitting in my dad’s garden at age 3 or so eating raw green beans off the plant. I still could eat raw beans by the pound today. I’m still learning, but even one home-grown tomato brings me so much joy.

Whether it’s on a balcony or in a garden, you can even grow things in the hot desert of the UAE!

I’ve already started growing my seedlings in a pot. I will then transfer them to the ground once they are ready!


Ready to Get Serious About Eating More Plants?


If you’re ready to upgrade your health by switching to a more plant-based diet, I can help. Contact me for a free online chat about how health coaching is the missing ingredient in your nutrition overhaul.