Do you believe in receiving signs from the universe?


This lovely little dragonfly visits me daily.

Signs from the Universe



I feel like it’s a male, but what do I know about dragonflies.


When I step outside, he arrives a few minutes later. Flies around me. Stops and really looks at me.


We look at each other. I say Hi. If I am still, he stays. We just sit in awe of each other.


I have heard that if a dragonfly visits you, it is a good omen. Further research also says a dragonfly could be a sign of a transformation, new beginnings, hope, change, that something is hidden from you, or even death?!


I’m not too superstitious so I’m taking it as a positive. Possibly new beginnings, as we are about to enter this final month of 2021.


This dragonfly is red. Diving further into the Googleverse, I read that red dragonflies are very rare: “It’s the hue of primal energy, passion, anger, and intensity. In Asian cultures, red symbolizes good luck and wealth.”


I’m not nuts, or whatever you want to call it. I’m just fascinated by nature. And in love with a dragonfly.


The website where I was learning about the significance of this beautiful creature left me with the following:

“If you see a red dragonfly, think about areas of your life related to your root chakra that may need transformation. Do you need to fortify your personal security, whether it be physical, financial, emotional, or even spiritual? Are there areas of your life where you need to infuse more passion? If you see a red dragonfly, make a wish for good luck and more vitality in an area of your life where you need more security or passion, or to help yourself feel more grounded.“


I used to think that hearts were my anchor because I see them in nature everywhere. But now I wonder if it is the dragonfly.


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