What Are The Best Fitness Apps For Keeping Fit At Home?


In my last post I talked about some things to take care of our wellness during this coronavirus global health crisis.

One thing that is challenging for many right now is physical activity and exercise. Many of us are used to working out regularly at the gym, taking part in sports, exercising in group classes or even doing 1:1 personal training outside.

Because of coronavirus, most of that has ground to a halt.

Working Out At Home With Exercise Apps

These limitations should not and need not mean that everyone stops exercising. There is SO MUCH you can do with just a small amount of space in your home.

The apps below all offer solutions for small-space workouts. You will find an endless array of workouts in these fantastic fitness apps, including:

  • Cardio/aerobic
  • Strength/resistance
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Equipment-free
  • HIIT/interval training

Basically, the list is endless.


12 Best Fitness Apps for Home Workouts While Self-Isolating

Here is a roundup of apps that can help you stay fit now and into the future. Some are free, others are paid, many have a free trial before you commit. Most are available for both iOS and Android but some may be iOS only.

  1. YouTube (FREE)

YouTube is absolutely packed with online fitness videos, most of which are specifically designed to do at home in a small space. It’s also a powerful search engine, which allows you to search by the type of exercise you like (eg, “interval training”), the duration (eg, “10 minute cardio”), any injuries you have (eg, “knee friendly workout”), equipment you have (eg, arm workout with barbells) – really, the possibilities are endless. Use YouTube straight from your web browser or search your app store to install the app on your phone or tablet.


  1. Neoufitness (PAID)

Neofitness is a new exercise app. It features thousands of workouts suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. But the REALLY cool thing is that they have special workouts that you can do with your kids – perfect for parents with children home from school.


  1. Peloton (PAID, with a free 90-day trial)

Peloton is one of the most popular exercise apps out there. It has become so successful it is even a publicly traded company now.

I use this app myself and I can say that it is good. The instructors are motivating and there are videos of the workouts to go with the audio. They also live stream classes. You can see the names of others doing the workouts with you in the app, which is a great way to feel connected while working out alone.

I use it mostly for running, which is just audio, but it is more than a running app. Peloton sell their own brand of bike and treadmill, but you do not have to have a piece of Peloton equipment to enjoy the workouts. I have not had a bad workout yet with this app.


  1. Aaptive (PAID, with a free trial)

Aaptiv is another of my favorite exercise apps. It’s audio-based, which can be a refreshing change from video-based workouts, especially for things like yoga and floor workouts when it can be hard to constantly look at a screen.

I have used Aaptiv almost since it started years ago (when it was called something else). This app brought me out of “running retirement” after 20 years or so. There are running programs for everything from 5K to marathons, which can be awesome for home workouts if you have a treadmill. But it’s not just for running – when you are able to get back to your gym, you’ll find fantastic workouts for spin bikes, elliptical and other equipment, but there are also plenty of equipment-free strength and cardio workouts that are great for small spaces.

The workouts are all very solid. All the categories are good – including the yoga! There have been a few trainers who left this app that I really miss, but this is life and people change jobs. Again, I have never had a bad workout with Aaptiv.


  1. Freeletics (PAID)

Freeletics is an app that offers customized workout plans depending on your goals, nutrition support and AI coaching. It sounds and looks pretty sleek.

If you lift weights, then something like Shred or Volt might be good. I just recently got really fit and lean by lifting weights with a trainer regularly, so I highly recommend something like this. If you have weights at home, this app will help you keep up the good work you would normally do at the gym. Once life gets back to normal, this app will follow you to the gym and be your personal trainer!


  1. 7-Minute Workout (FREE, with optional paid upgrade)

My son was assigned these 7-minute workouts by his basketball coach during his holiday break. The workouts are actually pretty good for 7 minutes. They are pretty similar, but fast and effective. No equipment required. There is a free and paid version.


  1. TRX (FREE)

If you own a TRX, there is an app for that. They offer more than just TRX workouts. There are sessions for many other types of workouts.


  1. Asana Rebel (PAID)

This app promotes balance through yoga. It has categories for meditation, nutrition, sleep, exercise (which could be renamed as yoga), and even music to focus to.


  1. Daily Yoga (FREE, with optional paid upgrade)

There is something for everyone in Daily Yoga. Classes range from beginner to advanced and there are both short and long sessions.


  1. Yoga for Beginners (FREE)

If you have never done yoga but want to try, this app is for you.


  1. Yoga Down Dog (FREE UNTIL APRIL 1st 2020, to support those in lockdown, quarantine and self-isolation)

Yoga Down Dog promises you’ll never have the same class twice. Down Dog creates a unique, personalized yoga practice for you every time. It has over 30,000 classes and you can choose which type of yoga you’d like to practice.


  1. Fiton (FREE)

Fiton offers a wide variety of workouts with no equipment needed. Their niche is celebrity trainers. I’m not too sure if I know any celebrity trainers! Any trainer whose classes I enjoy no matter where they are, or what app they are on, is a rock star in my book.

This List Of Fitness Apps Is Just The Beginning

The best fitness app is the one you love the most, that you actually use and that inspires you to keep moving. If this list of workout apps isn’t for you, keep searching. Pretty much every sports brand such as Nike and Adidas also has some kind of fitness app.

Like any app, your best fitness app is just a matter of personal preference.

Finding Your Perfect Exercise App

No two fitness apps are exactly alike. So do your search, try a few, check the price points and start somewhere. It sounds funny to say this about technology, but you will find one that you have chemistry with.

The good thing about working out at home is that apps are way cheaper than personal training sessions. For instance, even though I do not use Aaptiv every day like I used to, I keep it because I still use it more than enough for it to pay for itself several times over.

And if an app is not appealing to you, then just turn on some good music and move!


What’s Your Top Fitness App?

If you have a favorite app that I haven’t highlighted here, I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments and maybe I can try it out!