Perspectives On The Value Of Health Coaches

In a recent article by Fortune, Is Becoming A Certified Health Coach Worth It?, the journey and value of becoming a health coach were explored, albeit with a perspective that I found limiting.

While the article does highlight the passion many of us in the profession hold, the choice of imagery and the questioning of our worth subtly undermines the profound impact we make through the programs we create and in the lives of those we coach.


Health Coaching Is A Calling

Health coaching is more than an “alternative health career”; it’s a calling that requires deep empathy, a strong understanding of human behavior, and a commitment to empowering others to achieve their healthiest selves.

The implication that our worth might be contingent on the financial or time investment overlooks the heart of our work: transformational change.

Asking if becoming a health coach is “really worth it” is dismissive and undervalues the profession, especially considering the significant impact health coaches can have on individuals’ health and wellbeing.


Inaccurate Portrayals Of Health Coaches: It’s Everywhere

The image chosen for the article to depict health coaching shows two women practicing yoga at home.

While yoga indeed serves as a powerful tool for wellness, framing it as the sole representation of our work as health coaches significantly narrows the broad and diverse scope of our training and practices. Simultaneously, it misinterprets the profound and multifaceted practice of yoga.


The Real Value Of Health Coaches

Health coaches are partners in navigating the complexities of health and wellness, providing tailored support that encompasses nutrition, fitness, mental health, and beyond. We are catalysts for chronic disease management and sustainable lifestyle changes.


Health Coaches Are Not Doctors (And We Don’t Pretend To Be)

Health coaches are not doctors, and any good health coach will direct their clients to seek high-quality medical advice. This article makes it sound as if health coaches are people who got lazy and didn’t want to go through internships and residencies that physicians go through.

While the article acknowledges the difference in the level of training between doctors and health coaches, this comparison inadvertently minimizes the importance and expertise of health coaches. Health coaching is a distinct field with its own set of skills and contributions to healthcare.


Beyond Considerations Of Time And Money

As we continue to see the field of health coaching grow, driven by a deeper understanding of its value and an expanding body of research supporting its efficacy, it’s crucial that we broaden the narrative.

Health coaching is not a question of worth but a proven pathway to a healthier, happier life.


Your Next Steps In Health Coaching

To my fellow health coaches: Let’s continue to share our stories of success and transformation.

To those of you thinking of pursuing health coaching as a profession: Is it really worth it? You bet it is. It is one of the most rewarding things I have done at a professional level in my 30 years of healthcare experience. Dive deeper into what health coaching offers, and consider the possibilities it could unlock for you.

To doctors who have not yet worked with a health coach, or referred a patient to a health coach: I’m happy to share more insights as to how a coach can support your medical practice. A coach is not there to compete with you – far from it. If anything, we are there to support you and your patients and complement what you do.

To those of you considering working with a coach or making health improvements, but you aren’t sure: Reach out. I’m happy to share more insight into exactly what a coach does and how that could support you on your health journey.


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