Can Giving Up Be Powerful?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about quitting.

Sometimes we just want to give up. We want to quit.

But is quitting always bad?



The Power of Quitting

So many of us associate quitting with being weak.

It is generally thought that quitting is saying no to something. But is it really? Have you ever considered that quitting is actually saying yes?

Some people are hesitant to take control of their health and well-being because they think that means they are going to have to quit something, or things, that they love; or just aren’t ready to give up. That can be challenging.

While that isn’t always the case, what I want to tell you is that when you quit something, you are actually shouting out a big, fat YES to the universe.



Quitting is a Beginning, Not An End

Quitting means you want more. It means you deserve more. And, by quitting, it means that you are starting.

You are at a beginning – not an end.

By quitting those old habits, things and relationships that are not aligned or serving you, you are saying yes to yourself. You are starting a new, healthy beginning.



Quit What No Longer Serves You

So today, I give you permission to quit something that is not serving you. Take your health back, quit, and start the journey to take better care of yourself.

Book a call with me if you’d like support to quit the things that do not serve you. Together, we’ll map out the most beautiful NEW wellness journey specific to your needs.

the power of quittingAbout this photo: This morning we got a cool front, so I thought it would be best to work outdoors as our cool days are numbered in Dubai. As I was taking a picture for my daily health and wellness thoughts, I was photo bombed by Fudge. I did not pose him. He’s had no show dog training. As I sat down for a quick photo with something completely different in my mind, he decided to be part of the discussion. His pose says he’s quite intuitive. And, he quits often. He usually quits activities in the form of several power naps throughout the day. As he says yes to quitting, he is abundant with unconditional love, joy and support.


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