Coaching Vs Directing in the Personal Growth Industry


Have you ever encountered a health coach, life coach, motivational speaker or author who dictates to you how to live your life?

This style of leadership is more of a director than a coach. Beware!


A Coach is a Guide, Not A Dictator


A coach is someone who provides guidance on your goals and helps you reach your full potential.

A coach is someone who will take the time to fully understand your obstacles and patiently help you find the ways to overcome them that will really work for you.

A coach is someone who will help you understand where your lack of motivation is coming from and work with you on the issue so that YOU are excited to take all the steps you need to take.

A coach does not pressure you or judge you when you struggle.

A coach does not simply monitor you and make you feel bad when you are not doing great.

A coach understands, helps, supports, and then feels genuine joy as they see you grow.


Signs of Directing Rather Than Coaching


If you hire a coach, read someone’s work, attend a seminar or enrol in a program and you find yourself pressured to follow strict instructions, it’s possible that you are being directed, not coached.

Watch out for these signs of directing:

  • You’re instructed to follow instructions to the letter, without accounting for your personal preferences or circumstances
  • You’re not consulted or invited to co-create
  • You feel that the strategies, ideas and goals are not aligned with your own vision
  • Deviating from the “rules” or instructions is frowned upon
  • You’re given steps to carry out without an explanation of the benefits
  • If you don’t do as asked, you are criticized or admonished
  • You’re not supported to develop skills that carry over into many aspects of your life (ie you receive one instruction for a single limited-use outcome)
  • You find yourself fatigued, resentful or anxious when carrying out instructions
  • Your suggestions for improvement or doing things differently are ignored
  • You feel even more overwhelmed and confused, rather than a sense of clarity and direction
  • You’re told there is only one path to success.


If any of these show up for you in a coaching situation, please find a new coach!


Free Health Planning Session


If you are tired of people directing you in the name of support and want to reach the version of yourself that ENJOYS working toward better health and wellness, book a FREE Health Planning Session to explore what a lifestyle coaching experience might look like for you.

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