We are in the process of moving and renovating.

I have many friends and family who have gone through this before, and I was warned. It’s crazy.

We hired people, but unfortunately it didn’t take long to realize that they were not as experienced as they sold. Nothing is clear, nothing is on time, and it really feels like no one knows what they are doing. A lot of incompetence.

We felt we could only afford the cheaper option, and we got what we paid for.

With a landlord following the trend to sell, and pressuring us to move, we didn’t have a lot of time for nonsense. There were too many red flags to count.

So, fast forward. I took the project management and sourcing materials for the project into my own hands. I felt I couldn’t afford to bring someone else this late in because all the experienced people were out of my budget, and it would just add to the costs already piling up.

I have renovated a place before, but not at this level. And I had skilled support back then. For this project, I did not really know where to begin. But I do know how to project-manage, so that must be enough, right?

Well, not really.

As I took this picture today (with 6 construction guys in the small space) of my very late kitchen, it made me realize that hiring someone to support and manage your home renovation is not unlike hiring a health coach.


Don't opt for cheap and nasty health coaching!


You know you need to do “the healthy things.” Exercise, sleep well, hydrate, eat well, understand the latest science that will support you, be consistent, follow up, and all the things… but there is so much detail behind it all! Even the experts have to work hard to stay at the top of their game!

In the case of this kitchen, I needed cabinets and a countertop, but this was not something I could do on my own. And even though I eventually found a good place to make a kitchen, I designed it and searched the ends of the earth for the floor tiles, backsplash and a lot of other details that the hired “experts” could not deliver, but previously promised.

What ended up happening was a frustrating experience and loads of unnecessary stress. Things were missed, sloppy work, late delivery… and there may be problems down the line if the work is not done correctly.

The moral of the story: There are so many people out there pretending to be experts just to make the sale, but they aren’t experts. They don’t have the experience, education or knowledge to deliver what they promise.

Don’t make that mistake with your health and hiring a health coach!

You can always tear down a kitchen and rebuild, and source a nice last-minute backsplash. But you can’t afford to do that with your health.

There’s a big time cost. And it may be hard to undo the damage if you get the wrong one.

You have the power to change your life, and do it right. Book your complementary online health planning session and get it right the first time!