Healthy Eating Can Be Hard!


People always ask me how to eat more fruits and vegetables, or just eat healthier.

“I need to do that… I’m going to start doing that… I know I should do that….”

Yet they’ll still stay stuck eating too much processed food.

Eating well, eating consciously and eating mindfully is hard. In the beginning it feels like it takes a lot of effort. But what you put in is what you get out of it.


Start Noticing Your Micro-Excuses

Case in point: this beautiful wild rosemary.


Healthy eating means making an effort

No spiders were carried home or eaten in this meal!


We don’t have a full kitchen where we work from in the summer. We live minimally, which is one of the things I enjoy here in Turkey.

Last night I wanted to jazz up my beautiful farm-fresh tomatoes. So, I walked down to the seaside just to pick some wild rosemary for my tomatoes.


Where Can You Make Extra Effort?


It seems simple to go and pick some wild herbs, but it wasn’t. Even my brain was trying to talk me out of it.

It’s dark. It’s quiet. It’s uphill both ways… what if…spiders?!

We all do it. But these are just excuses keeping you from enjoying the finer things in life and getting healthy!

You don’t have to be by the sea.

You do need to go deeper to learn about what is important to you and why that is important. Knowing your why is what will help you shift.


More About Rosemary


Rosemary is rich in a phytochemical that fights diseases and maintains overall health that some studies say improve eye health, regulate liver function, and lower the risk of asthma.

It also contains: Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Thiamin, Folate, Riboflavin.

Whatever the health claims may be, it smells amazing, so I think it’s worth putting on everything!

And yeah! No spiders were carried home or eaten in this meal!


Big Shifts in Healthy Eating


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