We are taught to protect ourselves from the sun. But does this come at the cost of the health benefits of sunshine?


It’s summer. And in Dubai, that means it’s super hot. We do enjoy the outdoors in the winter months when it’s not scorching and we can enjoy being outside.


If you are in a country where you can go outside, do it! And do it often.
Somewhere along the way through all the marketing about beauty and anti-aging, the sun became evil. They told us it would kill us and make us ugly.


While overdosing on anything is not good for us, we need healthy amounts of sun exposure.

Why? Here are just a few reasons.



Health Benefits of Sunlight In Healthy Amounts

☀️Sleep better! Get your circadian rhythms in check with the sun. Sunlight regulates serotonin and melatonin

☀️ Get Vitamin D. This nutrient is so important in avoiding many health conditions, but it’s also mood boosting!

☀️ Wake up and get more energy

☀️ It could lower blood pressure since it triggers the release of nitrogen oxides

☀️ Some studies suggest it helps reduce inflammation

☀️ Strengthen your bones – thanks again Vitamin D

☀️ Live longer. Studies have shown people who get more sun exposure could add up to two years to their life – thanks again Vitamin D!


Still not convinced of the health benefits of sunshine? Go out for a walk in the sun and then let’s talk!



Summer Health Transformation

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