Your Health: Are You Looking Below The Surface?


I am often asked:

“What is health coaching?”

“Why do I need a health coach?”

I’ve even had a few clients want to stop their coaching sessions after I suggested they find proper doctors to help them with their chronic conditions.

They were so happy to finally find a qualified physician. They were so pleased that after a few sessions I changed their life, simply by guiding them to the medical support they needed.

It is flattering to hear after only a few weeks that I’ve changed someone’s life, but I have to be honest:


There Are No Shortcuts To Good Health


Life-long change and healthy habits take time and attention. No one is an overnight success.


The Tip Of The Iceberg: Treating Symptoms and Diseases


Doctors are very important. And your medical exams are just the tip of the ice-berg.

In addition to that information, you need to focus on what lies beneath the surface.

You have to go below the surface… Dig deep.

Health changes for wellbeing

Lasting Changes for Better Health Happen Below The Surface


By digging deep, I mean:

✔️ Looking into your nutrition and what you eat

✔️ Choosing exercise and movement that you enjoy and motivates you to do more

✔️ Addressing your sleep

✔️ Looking at your relationships and social connections and keeping the healthy ones

✔️ Cutting back on, or avoiding risky substances like smoking and alcohol

✔️ Focus on managing or preventing chronic conditions

✔️ Setting goals in alignment with the life YOU want to live.


How Health Coaching Helps You Go Deep


These are just a few of the areas that I support my clients with. And it’s not just one size fits all, nor is it only one area. Each area of wellbeing has its own iceberg.

There is the bit at the top that we see, or that we know. But nothing changes until you are ready to get wet.

If you are finally ready to dig deep and dive in, now is the time.

Don’t wait for another year to pass you by where you silently carry all your hopes and dreams.

Let’s have a free health planning call and see if you are a fit for my coaching program.

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