The photo below is my idea of a food treat. A beautiful healthy breakfast with a great coffee. A beautiful environment post-yoga is a special added bonus.

Real food is celebration food


The majority of us do not think that eating healthy is a treat. We see it as a punishment.


Why is it that the unhealthiest foods are considered celebration treats?


This is the power of food marketing. Sugary sodas on a holiday dinner table, beautiful people on the beach eating and drinking processed food, happy children eating junk food, cute polar bears and other animals, famous people we admire … I could go on, and I bet you could add more to the list.


Big Food has done a wonderful job of telling you that you will be happier and healthier if you eat and drink processed food.


But you won’t.


There is research confirming this low-quality food makes us unhappy, makes us very unhealthy and can even lead to depression and take years off our lives. Yet, these foods are celebrated.


If you are ready to celebrate life in the best way possible and create new habits that will make you feel amazing, improve your health and possibly increase the quality and years of your life, let’s talk.


Your life is waiting for you to take your health back and celebrate in the real way. Not in a processed, fictitious way.


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