Recently it was International Bikini Day. 👙

When I thought about that and wondered if I should take a picture of myself in a bikini and share it, my instant reaction to that thought was, ”Ewwwww gross. I’m going to look so bad.”

When I told my VA about this idea and asked her opinion, she also said “Ewwwww gross.”….but not for the same reasons.  She highlighted that it may just result in creepy comments and followers.

Maybe not necessary to be so bold.


Body Positivity in the Age of Social Media

My bigger concern was my reaction. I was repulsed at my own vision of myself.

Why is it that no matter how healthy we are, or how good we look, women think we look repulsive?

I’m fit, healthy, eat well, and for my age maybe I don’t look too objectively terrible in a bikini? And yet, I’m disgusted at the thought of sharing that image.


Because I don’t want people to judge me worse than I judge myself.

Society constantly tells us we aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough… Especially on social media, the armchair experts comment about your physical appearance.



Women Must Change the Conversation In Our Heads

It happened to my good friend @4yaprakliyonca recently. She’s an ultra-athlete, she’s thin, and don’t get me started on all the amazingly good things she does in the world.

What did people comment on in her latest video as she ran up a hill?

The size of her butt!! Her butt ya’ll! 🤯

So how in the world are we supposed to be bold as women with all that noise?

It doesn’t even have to be a bikini! It might be some other piece of clothing, promoting your art, business, or some other activity where you believe you are not enough.

You must not listen to those who critique you in social media, or worry about those who might. And we must, more than anything, change the conversation in our heads!

Body positivity and women's wellness

Support for Women to Live Boldly


In celebration of international bikini day, I’m going to go swim in the sea before my next meeting.

I won’t be sharing any bikini pictures outside of the one above. Not because I’m scared or disgusted, but because I’m taking my VA’s advice!

Whatever that bold thing is that you are trying to talk yourself out of – don’t.

If you’d like some support in living boldly and getting comfortable in your favorite bikini, reach out for a free health plan call. 👙👙👙