The Future Of Healthcare

Earlier this week I was listening to a podcast about the future of healthcare.

There are a lot of experts in this area. And for those of us who work in healthcare, we talk about it a lot.

That’s not a bad thing – there are many exciting things happening in the realm of healthcare.

Among the discussion of artificial intelligence, health technology, new diagnostic tools, genetics and epigenetics, an expert guest made the comment that in the future, “You’ll be able to be the CEO of your own health.”


Why Wait To Be The CEO Of Your Own Health?

I was walking my dog Fudge at the time and I literally said out loud, “But why not now?”

Fudge was confused! I quickly apologized because that question was not directed at my sweet, gentle rescue dog.

It was directed at anyone who thinks they have to wait for the next technological advancement to take charge of their own health.

We shouldn’t wait!


Be the CEO of your Own Health NOW!


This means treating your health LIKE A BOSS!

As the CEO of your own health and wellness, your job demands that you are responsible for managing your company’s (your body, mind and soul’s) stability and security.

You are responsible for growth, structure, vision and the long term and short term operations.

You are the CEO of your body, mind and soul.

So why are you still making questionable decisions, or maybe avoiding decisions, about your wellness management and growth?

I’ll tell you why.

Because it is hard to do this alone.


CEOs Do Not Work Alone


A Chief Executive Officer doesn’t work in a vacuum. Otherwise they aren’t really a ‘Chief’ of anyone! So why would you manage your healthcare all by yourself?

You don’t have to do this alone. You shouldn’t. You need a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to help you manage your wellbeing.

That’s where I come in as your coach.


Introducing Your Health and Wellness COO

According to LinkedIn, “The COO reports to the CEO with a focus on operationalizing strategy. They are tasked with implementing daily operations, aligned with that goal and the company’s strategies. In many cases, the COO is chosen specifically to complement the strengths and weaknesses of the CEO, or to work in tandem to bring the best leadership to the forefront.”

This is EXACTLY what working with a health and wellness coach will do for your health.

We operationalize your strategy. Not just your strategy, but your vision. We operationalize your personal vision and take action.

What does this mean?

It means we start at the end, with your vision.

As the CEO, YOU decide on where you’d like your “company” to be. As your COO, I support you by drawing up your vision, forming a plan, creating the blueprint, delegating tasks and managing daily operations.

Throughout the whole process, I report to you. We work together to reach your “company” goals, where business is not just stable, but thriving.

The decision is yours.

You can wait for the next 5 –10 years for some new, game-changing technology to pull you out of an unhealthy state or diagnosis. Or, you can take action now and own your own health.

You are the CEO.

Everything is in your hands. Your next step is right below, just scroll down!


How to Set Health Goals Like A CEO

So how do you become the CEO of your health and wellness?

You start with this FREE opportunity to have me as your COO. Join my online Masterclass and learn the steps to take back your health LIKE A BOSS.


You are the CEO.

Everything is in your hands.

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