A health book I am currently reading quoted Benjamin Franklin: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It got me curious, so of course I started researching it.

That particular quote, although true on so many levels, was actually talking about preventing fires in Philadelphia!

But my research showed me a lot of other interesting things about this famous polymath who was a health advocate and, dare I say, coach-like in his approach.


The Benjamin Franklin Longevity Formula

Benjamin Franklin promoted a moderate diet, exercise, and self-control. He even tried to adopt a vegetarian diet after reading Thomas Tryon’s “Way to Health and Happiness” (which was written in 1680!).

Franklin exercised regularly. He enjoyed swimming and recommended it. He continued to exercise well into his old age with weights and walking until he couldn’t do it anymore.


The Results

Franklin died in his eighties. Life expectancy in America during his time was 38 years for a white male.

Yes, you read that correctly.

By eating healthy, exercising and staying curious about his health, Benjamin Franklin lived more than two times the average expected age for his time.

I am sure that he had certain privileges that others may not have had access to. But even so, 80 healthy years is amazing for the 1700s.


Life Expectancy Now


So here we are in 2022.

World life expectancy is just below 73. We have more science, research and evidence that proves what Benjamin Franklin suspected long ago. Yet, despite our modern times, Benjamin Franklin would still outlive most of us.


Your Turn


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