My business coach, who is leading my mastermind, posted a really important point yesterday that got me thinking…

Her warning against taking business advice from Facebook groups was so on point that I could literally take her words and replace “business” with “health”, “wellness`’ or “diabetes”.

The message was direct: “Stop turning to free Facebook groups for advice without mentorship or expert advice.”


Well-Meaning Health Advice Can Be Harmful

There is so much information out there on every topic imaginable.

BUT, the people who are giving the advice, while they may have the best intentions, may not always know what they are doing. They don’t know your specific situation.

In the context of health, they can even give you advice that is harmful, or not relevant to you. They might even tell you the exact opposite of what your qualified doctor suggested.

Always follow up with your doctor before you implement any free online advice.



Certified Health Coaches Reinforce Professional Health Advice


This is why working with a certified coach is helpful – because they will support you in achieving the goals your doctor prescribes.

Yes, those of us who manage chronic conditions in ourselves, or in loved ones, know so much about the condition. We really do. And often we do know more than people who don’t work in that specialty.

But we should never be so bold to think that we know everything, or that one size fits all.

This is also one of the main reasons the medical community is skeptical of health coaching right now. So many unqualified people are giving advice, or over-riding proven medical suggestions.


Be Diligent with Fact-Checking

Social media has its place.

I have learned so much from the groups that I am in, but I still research the tips further to make sure that they are sound advice. I continue to learn something new every day. But what you read and watch about health on social media is not gospel.

Unless the group has oversight by someone who is qualified and experienced, proceed with caution when you crowd-source an answer to a medical or health question in an open, free group.



Get Professional Support


As a certified, ethical health coach, I always defer to your health professional’s expert advice, and support you to manage your health alongside your doctor. My guidance will never override medical advice.

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