The Quick Start – Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching – 3 Sessions

wellness and lifestyle coaching Dubai


3 Sessions of Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching Quick Start

We all agree, there is no quick fix for a slump in your health, energy and life vision.

However, this short and sweet coaching package may be just what you need if:

  • You are not sure if you are ready to commit to a larger coaching package, and wish to experience a taste of coaching
  • You have had a life or health coach before and just want a little extra support
  • You have a small wellness or life goal you need some support on.


What’s Included In Your 3 Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

In this package of three sessions, you will get:

  • 1 X 90-minute deep dive call where we look at your vision and define goals. Already have a vision? Great! We can spend more time on goal setting.
  • 2 X 60-minute coaching calls.


How Are Coaching Sessions Delivered?

We will meet on Zoom, an easy-to-use videoconferencing tool that you can use from your computer, tablet or phone.

Your Investment

All inclusions for one price of just AED 2,500 / USD $680



All inquiries are most welcome. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about this coaching package.


Ready to Get Started?

Congratulations on making this powerful investment in your life! I am so looking forward to supporting you.

Purchase your Quick Start coaching package below.