Health Coaching Transformation – 3 Month Package

Health coaching transformation package with Pam Durant


3-Month Health Coaching Transformation Package

Looking to make long-term healthy changes in your life?

This three month health coaching transformation package will guide and support you to achieve your wellness vision and goals.


Note: This is NOT a diet program.

We start with a 90 minute session where we evaluate where you are, and you can get clear on where you want to be. Then we do a deep dive into your vision and get started on setting goals that are unique to you and what you value most.

The remaining 9 sessions are 45 – 60 minutes each, and will focus on supporting you as you achieve and refine your vision and goals.

Your certified coach will be with you to support you every step of the way.



  • 1 X 90-minute deep dive call
  • 9 X 45–60 minute calls
  • Total of 10 coaching sessions over 3 months.



All inclusions for a one-time payment of AED 3,987 / USD 1,085.



All inquiries are most welcome. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about this coaching package.



Congratulations on making this powerful investment in your life! I am so looking forward to supporting you.

Purchase your 3-Month Transformation health coaching package below.